Green Bay Hidden Paradise in Java

Green Bay or Teluk Hija is a magnificent beach in the National Park of Meru Betiri. The stunning beach is known for its lovely gradient of the water, and the peaceful setting of its surroundings. It is located quite far, around 90 km away from the Banyuwangi city center, but it is worth the drive. Teluk Hijau is a great place to spend the day relaxing on the beach and capturing fantastic pictures of the plentiful scenic spots. 

The best way to get to the beach is by renting a car and making a day of it, and the great thing about Banyuwangi is, there are no traffic jams in Green Bay. 

Some residents said that the origin of the rocks came after Batu beach which began to be used in 1994. Initially this was soft white sand. But after the terrible waves, the sand in Batu Beach is naturally covered with rocks that add to the uniqueness of Batu Beach. Until now this beach was named by the people with the name Batu Beach. 

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Green Bay Teluk Hijau Natural Forest

The distance between Batu beach and monitoring of Teluk Hijau is not too far away, only about 300 meters. It’s just that Green Bay Information is indeed very hidden. Beaches and high coral seas that make access difficult if traversed along the coast. The usual access to Teluk Hijau Beach is the small end at the end of Batu Beach path. 

The path is indeed one of the access roads that are often used by residents to go to Teluk Hijau Beach from Batu Beach. You will never forget the experience of going to Green Bay Beach. During the trip to Green Bay Beach, you will be treated to a variety of beautiful scenery and through several natural rivers. The waves are always heard from a distance when passing through a small forest. His voice makes you want to arrive soon at Teluk Hijau Banyuwangi.

Beauty of Green Bay Teluk Hijau

The beauty of Green Bay Beach is not enough for you to enjoy in a day. If you plan to set up a tent, you should first coordinate with the manager in Rajegwesi. The Region is an area in the Meru Betiri National Park. It is feared that you will meet wild animals walking along the beach. So, you should first coordinate with the Meru Betiri National Park officer. 

One of the highlights is the charm of a natural beach with its charming waterfall. The existence of natural waterfalls on the Green Bay Beach is what makes the Green Bay Beach more special. The location of the waterfall is not too far from Teluk Hijau Beach, only about 21 meters. Enjoy the beauty of the most appropriate waterfall indeed during the rainy season, the article is during the rainy season the flow of river water is rising. However, it does not make road access easier. During the rainy season access roads will be increasingly challenging because of slippery.




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